Information For Churches

The Family Counseling Ministry invites your church to join our network of member congregations.

We are counselors accredited by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and the American Psychological Association, and we are persons of faith.

We offer a ministry of professional counseling and psychotherapy to families, couples, individuals, and groups.  The Family Counseling Ministry provides the following services to member churches and their pastors:

  • Clergy may refer parishioners to any of the counselors with assurance that they will be seen by one of the counselors as quickly as necessary – no matter how busy the counselors are.
  • Clergy may consult as much as needed about pastoral counseling they are doing or about other church-family processes with any of the counselors, either by phone or in person, without charge.
  • Affordable workshops are held as desired for clergy to be introduced to new counseling methods, to discuss their own pastoral counseling concerns, to become better acquainted with the counselors, and to apply family systems ideas to parish problems.
  • All the counselors are experienced in dealing with family problems, marital issues, divorce adjustment, depression, anxiety, grief reactions, anger, physical and sexual abuse, employment and job concerns and other family, couple and personal concerns.  Each counselor also has his or her own areas of expertise, which are of value in case consultations, clergy workshops and church presentations.  Confidentiality is assured for every client except in cases where there is harm to self, others, or child abuse.

The Family Counseling Ministry is a resource provided since 1975 by the Susquehanna Association of the New York Conference, United Church of Christ, to clergy and the churches they serve, regardless of denominational affiliation.

We encourage you to become a member and use these services for pastoral support and for the benefit of your congregations.  The Member Church Commitment is $350. Of course, if for some reason the target commitment of support is not possible, a lesser donation will be appreciated.

Client fees provide the basic support.  The full fee per session is $120; however a sliding fee scale is used according to family size and income, which can go as low as $10 for member churches and as low as $45 per session for others.

For more information, please call Wayne Gustafson, Senior Clinician at (607) 857-0003.

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